Rowan Music Group Booking Agency facilitates finding student and faculty musicians to play both on and off campus events. We offer a wide variety of music genres, including classical, jazz, rock, singer-songwriters and DJs.

Rates start at $75/hour for students and $200/hour for faculty musicians.

We also offer limited sound services, including PA systems and engineers.

Date of event *
Date of event
Name *
Please note if there are any entrance concerns that our musicians will have to carry their gear up stairs or location changes during the event.
Would you like student instrumentalists? If so how many (i.e.: trio, quartet) Fee for students is $120. Please know that this fee includes a 20% administrative fee.
Briefly describe what kind of music you are looking for. Please list any specific instrumentation you request here. (jazz band, string quartet, brass band, DJ, Rowan Music Group Artist)
Department Address Phone Number
Would you like faculty instrumentalists? If so, how many (i.e.: trio, quartet) Strongly recommend hiring faculty if this is a distinguished/high profile event. Fee for faculty is $260. Please know that this fee includes a 20% administrative fee.
Will a PA system be required? This is necessary for larger events that sound has to reach out to large audiences. Pricing starts at $250 and depends on size and location of event.
Who will process the payment? Rowan Music Group is an approved vendor for Rowan University. This is not a DCA, as we are an outside organization. Our Banner ID number is 916193987. Payment will need to be paid in full at least 10 days prior to event.